Renewable Energy: Our Solar Panels

In late 2011, People’s Grocery partnered with Mosaic, an online platform where people come together to create local clean energy, to ensure that our food justice work could be powered by the sun!


The crowd-funded installation was made possible by 70 enthusiastic investors from across the country, including an anonymous celebrity donor. The installation occurred on January 23rd and is a beautiful alliance between two organizations focused on building more sustainable systems by bringing people together and empowering them to take part in the emerging green economy–be it via urban agriculture or community solar.


 “People across the world are tired of business as usual and want a new type of business, one that creates real value both in terms of profit and impact. Mosaic is helping these people come together to invest in local clean energy, create jobs and benefit incredible organizations like People’s Grocery. Solar is the fastest growing industry in America and now employs more people than both coal and steel production–it is the key to our economic recovery,” said Billy Parish, President of Mosaic and author of the new book Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money and Community in a Changing World.

We’re thrilled with our installation and is encouraging potential donors, especially environmentally friendly donors, to consider investing in crowd-funded solar panel projects through Mosaic. The cost to purchase a share is $100 and will aid in achieving three sustainability goals in your local community: creating cleaner energy, creating a job and helping an organization save money.


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