The Growing Justice Institute Mini Grant

The Institute offers mini grants to community members and Institute Fellows interested in furthering their work on food justice-based projects, programs and businesses in West Oakland. In order to qualify for an Institute Mini Grant, applicants must have filled out the GJI Intake Form, the Group Members contact form, the Media Consent form, and provide a high resolution group photo or Logo to be featured on the PG website. You must also be familiar with the People's Grocery mission and programming. Mini Grant awards are between $100-$1000 and applications will be accepted at the beginning of each quarter. Through the Mini Grant, People's Grocery hopes to make the resources of The Growing Justice Institute more accessible and use our organizational access and power to support the grassroots food justice-based programs, projects and business that are supporting health and wealth in the community.

Is there anything else you would like the Mini Grant committee to know about your project or application? (optional)



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