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Becoming an Urban Farmer

My mom grew up on a farm and after retirement my grandparents kept a kitchen garden and chickens. We always had a garden and until my father died when I was 12, we “put up” all our food for the winter through water canning and cold storage in the basement.  Now 68 years later, in this garden called California I have come back to my “roots”.  I grow food year round in 2 community garden plots and use my own home made compost instead of commercial fertilizers.  Last year I produced 70 lbs of tomatoes from a 3×8 row, all by organic sustainable methods.  And I teach by example. More and more people in my neighborhood have joined the garden after tasting my produce and visiting the garden.  Free growing advice is cheerfully given!  Let us make more community gardens and people’s grocery stores everywhere.   Young and old together, we can make the earth and ourselves healthy and beautiful, one garden at a time!  Plant something you can eat today!

It's Tradition

Growing up with my two sisters in a small apartment by the sea in Pacific Grove, CA frozen french toast was considered a special breakfast and for some reason completely beyond me the combination of frozen pizza and french fries was a go-to dinner if my dad stopped by the store on the way home from work. Vegetables were always around but they were almost always frozen and overcooked to an ambiguous green-orange mess since that was the way my dad liked them, having grown up on mushy canned stuff as a kid in Philly. Sometimes my mom would take us on the bus to the Farmers’ Market where we’d treat ourselves to berries in the summer. My mom made most meals, would score us mangoes into “hedgehogs,” would draw or paint elaborate scenes on our brown paper lunch bags, and would never get us Gushers or Fruit Roll-ups like we wanted, but it’s the meals my dad cooked that I remember most.

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Not Never

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was born.  When I tell people this I invariably get asked “so wait…never?” to which I could tell them about various sauces I didn’t realize had chicken stock in them or ramen that had pork broth but those are pretty boring.  Usually I tell the story of how when I was 3 or 4 we were visiting my Aunt overseas.

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