Allyship Survey

Here are our definitions of an "food justice ally" and a "food justice advocate" for your reference as you take this survey. Please keep in mind that these are living definitions - we would love to hear if there's phrasing you would suggest we change, something missing you think we should add, etc. Fundamentally, our allyship program is about dialogue, and we encourage it in every aspect of this work.

  • Food Justice Ally: An individual or organization that: (1) seeks a historical and systemic understanding of our current societal structures, food system, and ways that food justice intersects with other work for social justice; (2) seeks to interact constructively with the prejudices, biases, and difficult emotions that arise (in themselves and others) when building relationships across racial, gender, socio-economic, and cultural differences.
  • Food Justice Advocate: An individual or organization that uses their "allyship" practices, learning and interests to: (1) learn tools that would create change in our food system; (2) push for a healthy food system that provides for everyone. 

What would you improve about our allyship program or way of being?

Did you notice things that made you uncomfortable? Is there a particular discussion that you felt might have shut you down? Is there a way we present ourselves that could be perceived as off putting to you or others? We're always looking to improve, and there's always more to learn about being allies and advocates. If you're not comfortable sharing in this format, we would love to find a way to get feedback from you some other way.


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