Allyship Program

For years, organizations have used our Allyship Workshops as a resource to enhance competency in the areas of race, class, power and privilege. Our Allyship Workshops encourage the development of equal relationships (everyone is a peer) and equal participation (everyone has agency) for working cross-racially and cross-culturally in food systems change. Allyship sensibilities underlie all of our work – as we work with individuals from vastly different cultural backgrounds and socio-economic statuses, Allyship ensures that those differences become assets – instead of obstacles – to transforming West Oakland.  By cultivating the soil of Allyship and engaging local culture, we are helping our community thrive.

Allyship as Internship

People’s Grocery offers a quarterly, unpaid Food Justice “Allyship”. The allyship combines rigorous, hands on work in your project of choice (Growing Justice Institute, California Hotel, or a Special Project) and educational, experiential work in food justice through our allyship curriculum, required reading list, and on-going workshops.  The allyship is based on a minimum commitment of 3 months for 20 hours per week (a total of 240 hours). View our available allyship positions below.

Allies receive the following:

- Participation in a bi-weekly anti-oppression reading group
- Urban Agriculture Training Manual (if you choose the California Hotel Allyship)
- One Day Allyship Workshop
- Hands – On Training in Food Justice

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