About People's Grocery


  People's grocery would like to welcome Wanda Stewart to the position of director. She shares our vision , our hopes and most of all our desire to equip West Oakland and it's resident with the best possible future regarding their health and well being . Together we will provide health, wellness and joy to our community. Let us all welcome Wanda with open arms as we welcome 2015 with a strong vision , a passionate staff and a loving community



Our vision is evolving as the global conversation around food access strengthens. At People’s Grocery, our feet are firmly planted in the soil, but we have big dreams. The future of our community – and the world – is at stake, if a healthy, sustainable, and equitable food system does not flourish to provide for our children and generations ahead. The food justice movement needs community-driven organizations that focus on forward-thinking strategies, proactively shape national dialogue, create spaces to cultivate grassroots leadership, implement replicable local programming, and advocate with a racial justice lens. That’s why we’ve worked diligently to develop asset-based solutions, and to refine our programs to ensure they are economically viable and easily replicable. With our solid history, expertise and reputation, People’s Grocery is singularly positioned to spearhead national efforts. We have a wealth of knowledge, support, and asset-driven solutions. Our roots run deep!

By assisting with our efforts, you can expedite the pace of transformation within the food justice movement at a critical time in its development. Together, we can help create lasting socio-economic change and build a stronger nation.

Check Out Our 10 Year Annual Report Here!



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