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Warm greetings from our board and staff,

We’re so grateful for you who have stayed steady with us through our extended period of transition.  We are excited to say that we’ve emerged with a plan that builds on our historical strengths and nurtures exciting future possibilities.

People’s Grocery is so blessed to have staff, a board, and a community of partners that have held this process with persistence and centered on the community we serve – which has led us to this current pathway.

Our big news is that we’re entering a deep partnership with Center for Third World Organizing, initially for management services, moving toward programmatic partnership. Our commitment to the health and economic strength of long time residents in West Oakland remains strong and true.  By adding community organizing to our strategies of urban agriculture, health/nutrition education and healing, we can support neighborhood residents in building their power to influence change during a time of profound transitions in West Oakland. Karissa Lewis is joining our team in support of these goals.

Our approach reflects our continuing concern that people in our neighborhood don’t have regular access to healthy, nutritious meals.  In partnership with EBALDC, we’ve launched a ‘Food as Medicine’ project, which is showing CA Hotel residents and neighbors how the garden really is an apothecary.  The first goal is to substantially decrease the overwhelming rates of hypertension in our community.  It’s very exciting. Under Heather Smith’s leadership, we’re planning to continue healing and wellness workshops at the CA Hotel, such as making tinctures from the herbs and plants in the garden.  Our hope is that residents will have increasing control over their health by making and taking ‘good medicine’ from the garden.

Another expression of our growing partnership with EBALDC is our involvement in the San Pablo Avenue Corridor.  With several other partners, we’re working to bring resources to a neighborhood that has always had a lot of human capital, but not as much monetary capital for some time.   Were looking forward to extending that partnership to other sites where EBALCD has affordable housing.  We’re working toward having more gardens in places where under financially resourced residents live. We see this as a move towards utilizing and offering our work and our spaces in the fight against gentrification and displacement in the neighborhood.

While still nascent, this partnership with CTWO holds much promise, and gives PG another season to build on the strengths that have been at the heard of the organization's journey.

Please join us as we move toward this next phase; a deepening of partnerships and movement toward more significant impact.  Your financial support is always welcome.  If you have time, energy, or ideas, we welcome those as well.

As we move through the next several months, we’ll keep you posted via email.  If you have questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to call or email. For now, the best way to reach us is at info@peoplesgrocery.org.  Someone will be checking that regularly. 


Sarah, Amaka, Ellen (board members), and Karissa, Heather and Larry (staff)


Our Vision

Our vision is evolving as the global conversation around food access strengthens. At People’s Grocery, our feet are firmly planted in the soil, but we have big dreams. The future of our community – and the world – is at stake, if a healthy, sustainable, and equitable food system does not flourish to provide for our children and generations ahead. The food justice movement needs community-driven organizations that focus on forward-thinking strategies, proactively shape national dialogue, create spaces to cultivate grassroots leadership, implement replicable local programming, and advocate with a racial justice lens. We continue to work diligently to develop asset-based solutions, and to refine our programs to ensure they are economically viable and easily replicable. With our solid history, expertise and reputation, People’s Grocery is singularly positioned to spearhead national efforts. We have a wealth of knowledge, support, and asset-driven solutions. Our roots run deep!

By assisting with our efforts, you can expedite the pace of transformation within the food justice movement at a critical time in its development. Together, we can help create lasting socioeconomic change and build a stronger nation.

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